Blues Rock Lady

Mireia Vilalta

Blues Rock Lady

Mireia Vilalta and Soler,  from Girona, I started to play the guitar with a lot of passion, when I was young.


Currently, I'm in Pinten Bastos and I'm collaborating with FINA. Since 2014, I'm working about "Mireia's Vilalta" project, recording in 2016 my first album called "Apnea". A dream, that I've had long time ago, and finally I made it real.


Always I have been a working woman, with lot of enthusiasm for learn and improve at each moment, always looking for my musical influences as Gary Moore, Mark Knoplfler, Carlos Santana, as others. 


I'm a real passionate of music, that I've been with differents bands in my short life, Tant De Bo, Crossroads Blues Band, The Maria's, Capital S, Gir, helping me, to improve my way to play the guitar and sing.

© 2014 - Mireia Vilalta Soler

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